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12 pm & 2 pm


Cory Christopher

Corey ChristopherBIO
Cory Christopher always seeks out the possible in the seemingly impossible, pushing boundaries, being boldly creative, and taking intelligent risks with stunning results. We love creating experiences that take your breath away. Cory Christopher’s design philosophy extends beyond that which is simply beautiful, by incorporating our clients’ unique passions and personalities, and constantly seeking out the details that add meaning and authenticity. Our multi-faceted portfolio provides the foundation for finding fresh, compelling ways to tell your story, in ways you have yet to imagine.

Turning your dreams into a wedding-day-reality takes smart planning, creativity and attention to detail. Acclaimed Designer Cory Christopher shares his advice for creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. Learn how to choose between all the ideas you've been collecting, develop a vision for what you want your wedding to be, and how to incorporate personal touches that will make your wedding uniquely your own.

Visit the talented design team from Cory Christopher in this curated Inspiration Lounge! For those seeking captivating design and fresh, thoughtful inspiration, we have crafted three wedding looks complete with gorgeous stationery, florals, fashion, and personalized details, featuring local wedding vendors. Bring your design questions and discover how your wedding day dreams can be brought to life.









Sophie Gray

Sophie GrayBIO
Sophie Gray, more commonly known as Way of Gray, is a Self Love enthusiast. Trained in Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Training and Meditation, she offers simple and sustainable advice for being your happiest, freest, and healthiest self. Through her various social media platforms she promotes becoming your own greatest caregiver and shares tools to embody your best self.

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your live. Self Love enthusiast Sophie Gray will share empowering tips that will inspire you to let go of any nasty insecurities and feel like your most confident self. Be prepare to find the inspiration you need within to take care of your mind and body leading up to your big day.









Lazina McKenzie

Lazina McKenzieBIO
Lazina Mckenzie is a seasoned style consultant who founded L Squared Style, a boutique style consultancy, over five years ago.

Lazina thrives on working with clients by helping each and every one of them feel more confident and empowered. She does this by making them look and feel their absolute best.  Whether she’s working with senior executives, politicians, those re-entering the dating world, soon to be brides, professional Moms and so much more, Lazina’s focus is the same - she helps people be their most confident self so they can feel like rock stars. Every. Damn. Day.

Lazina is regularly featured in the media to share her perspective on personal style and new fashion trends. She has a special spot in her heart for local designers and makers and, whenever possible, highlights the off-the-chart talent that is right here in Edmonton.

When Lazina is not making people look and feel fabulous, you can find her eating local fare, pretending to be a chef in her kitchen, hiking the Rockies, spending time with her beautiful and hilarious nephew, running hills, sipping wine on patios, taking in local events in town and, most importantly, spending time with her hubby.

Your wedding day look - don’t ever second guess yourself.

Yes, you want to, and should, look perfect on your big day. That’s a given. It can be stressful though thinking through all the details of what will look best and how to bring this all together.

Style expert, Lazina Mckenzie, will give you some key tips on how to look and feel your most confident for one of the most important days of your life. Not sure about style, material, colour, body type, accessorizing, trends and more? Lazina will guide you through some of these key details so that you can start looking for your entire look armed with some great advice


Bridal Expo is a full day event. Doors are open between 10AM and 4PM. A full schedule of events will be posted shortly.